In the process of creating a rich collection of products "Le Cafe de Beaute" we were getting inspiration from France - the most romantic country in the world - which is famous for its elegant charm and refined style.

Being in Paris you will plunge into the atmosphere of French life and will be fascinated by its charm: narrow streets, the sweet aromas of flowers and unforgettable Parisian cafes, which are the real hallmark of France.  There, at the cozy small tables, was discovered a truly wealth of flavors: sweet and bitter, tart, delicate, weightless.  All of these scents inspire and remain at the heart as a part of the pleasant memories of the trip.

Menu "Le Cafe de Beaute" invites you to plunge into the magical world of unforgettable "desserts" for your beauty, each of which is made on the unique recipe of natural ingredients of the highest quality.

The combination of the northern and southern French cuisine is reflected in our menu. There are olive oil, basil and thyme, juicy sunny fruit, sweet fragrant chocolate and even flower extracts.

Thanks to the range of "Le Cafe de Beaute" specially designed for complex skin care your skin will be transformed and saturated with vitamins. It will be a true pleasure. Every product is a unique masterpiece that captivates from the first time. Even the most discerning gourmet immediately places them in one line with his "favourites".

As well as the best chefs in Paris, we control the quality of each component of the product to choose the best for you and your skin. Along with the tasty and healthy beaty products "Le Cafe de Beaute" you will always be confident in your own charm!

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