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We are Russian producers of natural cosmetics with the place of manufacture in the Moscow Region.


Natural cosmetics are the cosmetics produced from things of natural origin. Natural cosmetics do not contain synthetic antioxidants, colouring agents, aromatizers and petrochemicals. According to the list regulated by Systems of International Certification of Natural Cosmetics (ECOCERT, BDIH, Cosmebio, NaTrue etc.) producers may use minimum percentage of synthetic components, but no more than 5%. Besides the producers of natural cosmetics should not use animals for testing their products.


Our beaty products are SLS, SLES, EDTA, silicones, parabens free.
SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) is an abstergent used as a surfactant (cleans and foams).Due to its harsh composition SLS is used for engeneering purposes.Has a negative impact on vision and the lipid balance of the scalp which can be a triggering factor to dandruff formation. It can be cumulated in the organism leading to oncological deseases.
SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) is an abstergent similar to SLS. SLES irritates the skin less than SLS, but it can dry the skin very much. In a result of chemical reaction with other components SLES can make nitrats and dioxins which cause the formation of cancer cells.
EDTA is used as a preservation agent. In virtue of its chemical composition EDTA softens water, removing calcium and magnesium. But this property of EDTA has a negative effect on our health and beauty. Besides, it is carcinogen. EDTA is dangerous for the environment being resistant to decomposition.
Silicones are synthetic fats. They block cells, embarrassing skin breath. As a result silicones interrupt natural metabolism in a skin cell and worsen hair nourishment.
Parabens, created from petrochemicals, are used as preservation agents. They do harm to our health because of their ability to disrupt the hormonal balance. Silicones increase the risk of cancer.

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